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Only for those feeling overwhelmed

For years as a Naturopathic Doctor, I taught people simple ways to heal using natural modalities. The reality was that those modalities were awesome but not enough. We had to start LIVING more simply and take a ROOTED approach to health.

The burnout rates kept going up, stress levels & nervous system dysregulation skyrocketing.Unfortunately, I don't see a huge swing to a more peaceful & simple way of living yet, but I'm still passionate about helping people get there.

I have found over the years of talking with clients and living what I teach, that there are 6 really easy ideas that can start to simplify life almost immediately. They don't cost much money, in fact they're more likely to save you money. They don't take much time. Some of it is mindset, some of it frequency, some of it is really practical ways to do life a bit differently.

One of the main ideas is to make sure that your Core Values are really aligned with how you are living day-to-day. I get blank stares with this concept, most people haven't checked in with what their values actually are, Or have only a slight understanding but have no idea if they're actually living with them top of mind.

I know living a bit more simply isn't for everyone. Some people thrive on chaos & get a lot of self-worth from doing everything for everyone. If that's you, AWESOME, do your thing.

For everyone else, I'd like to share what I've learned over the last decade o more of my life. I've put my 6 Living Simply tips in a quick guide along with a core values checklist and exercise to take stock of where we may be out of alignment with who we are and what we want from this life.

If you're interested, click here Beginner's Guide to Living Simply with Les

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