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Channeled messages from Aliens?

If you don't follow me on Instagram...wait, what are you waiting for, it's cool over there ( you may not know that January was a turning point in the way I see and perceive the world. I started getting channeled messages. No not typically from aliens (although the one message from the Arcturians was awesome) but from client's loved ones, spirit teams, higher selves, or Source Consciousness. This may sound completely wackadoodle to you, it did to me too at first, until I started to trust and follow the guidance.

This message was the most recent that came through, is it for you? Let me know in the comments.

There are 2 choices to make very soon.

  1. To stay locked in your current reality.

  2. To choose to evolve, expand, and step into a new reality that you've never seen before.

One will feel familiar and safe. One may feel scary or uncertain.

Choose the uncertainty, for on the other side of this leap is a life your egoic consciousness has never seen before.

Keep walking forward, keep trusting, and maintain momentum.

You are so much more powerful and loved than you've ever been led to believe. We've said this before, but its finally being understood by you. Don't fall for the fear programs of this current reality. Its not real. Your truth is more valid than anything said to you from the external.

You are divinely protected if you ask for it.

You are divinely healed if you ask for it.

You are divinely guided if you ask for it.


Hope this message begins your healing journey, Les

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