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Unleash Your Superpower: Intuition will change the world

You have a superpower, you do! Sometimes we forget this fact and go about life without using it or letting it guide us. If you are a mother, it is even more important that you tap into this power. It will help to create a confidence, a wisdom, and an awareness in motherhood you wouldn't have felt otherwise.

I'm talking about the superpower of INTUITION.

You know you've felt this at some point. You've felt your body recoil or want to step back when in a situation that feels uncomfortable. Your body is giving you cues that something doesn't feel right even if your logical brain isn't picking up any warning signs.

Can you think of a time you listened to your gut instinct and it ended up being correct?

Do you know you have intuition but would like to strengthen it?

I'm really passionate about helping people (not just mothers) hone and strengthen their intuitive abilities because I think this one superpower has the ability to change the world. LITERALLY!

How? Good questions. Think about it - A person who is in tune with their inner knowing can sniff out lies and deception easily. They don't fall for skeezy marketing tactics, they know when politicians are blowing smoke up their butt, they hold their friends and loved ones to higher standards and don't accept people in their life that continue to gaslight or lie to them. Their boundaries become stronger, their relationships healthier. They trust their body to guide them with their decision making, what they eat, what they put in their bodies, what jobs they take, who they associate with and what they accept from the institutions/corporations of the world (voting with their dollars). The confidence of the intuitive person is high. She makes the best decisions for herself and her family even if logic and other people's opinions oppose it. She doesn't care because she honours what she "knows".

Is this something you want to strengthen? Have you felt a little lost with trusting yourself lately by defaulting to what other people think?

I got you.

I created a Journal. It's interactive, nourishing for the nervous system, and healing for the inner child. It's for the mom (ok technically anyone could use it) who feels as though she lost herself in motherhood but it starting to awaken to her spiritual side. It provides guidance and inspiration needed to help her develop and hone her intuitive superpowers, and trust in herself again.

I can't wait to see how this changes your entire world. If we start with the mom, her children, partner, friends, and coworkers are the first to feel it. After that, the ripple effect is profound.

Thank you for taking on this important work.

Personally, I would love to live on a planet where people were intuitively guided and made choices that actually created health and abundance.

If you're interested in a copy of the journal, it is now available for $20 on Amazon. Click on the picture below!



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