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Do you have anxiety or are you responding accurately to the world?

I had a client come in the other day with a laundry list of diagnoses. Anxiety and Depression. IBS. Insomnia. Hormone Imbalances. And with each diagnosis came a medication. She described herself as a "hot mess" and just barely surviving. Not one doctor had looked at her as a whole. Always breaking her down to her organ systems or her biology. No one asked about her childhood or found out about the people pleasing tendencies. No one asked about her diet or noticed she was addicted to carbs and feeling shame with her addiction. No one asked about the emotional neglect and abandonment she felt when her dad left their family when she was 6.

The medical system is extremely flawed in so many ways and one of those ways is putting medication and money ahead of the patient.

So what did we do?

We asked the deeper questions. We talked about her childhood and how her 6 year old self felt when dad left. We noticed pain patterns in her shoulders and upper back that were tied to the emotional load she carried for others so that they wouldn't leave her now. We looked at the ancestral line of women being abused and disregarded by the people who should have loved them the most and she cried out patterns that weren't even hers.

Because I can't ignore my Naturopathic background, we looked at the nutrient deficiencies that she has due to the medication and we made a plan to check in with her body regularly to see if the dosages on those meds were applicable or whether they could be reduced. We also looked deeper at the energy of the body and found areas of density, blockages, and tenderness that needed love and hands-on work.

Is this all we can do? Nope, but it's a damn good start.

Maybe next time those women ancestors will come in and help me supercharge the work!

Don't let labels or diagnoses stop you from believing you can heal. You are not stuck.

Go deeper. Get curious. Work with someone who will create a space to hear the truth and a safe environment to release what isn't.

This work is so important to heal not only us but our lineages and our future generations.


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