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Oh, so you've been triggered? Good!

Triggers may feel really intense. Bringing up quick reactions of anger or sadness or fear or shame when you least expect it. And though they're frickin' uncomfortable, they're actually a brilliant way to begin to heal.

Triggers are simply showing you a pattern that's in your body.

If you're able to pause and say, Holy Shit I'm triggered (recognizing that's what's happening). Not react to it immediately and feel through that same fear, anger, sadness, shame or whatever emotion comes up for you, (oh PS, this will require a bit of space so if you're at work, excuse yourself to a private area). If you're in a safe space, let yourself SCREAM, CRY, LAUGH, SHAKE your body, and release in any way that feels right.

Also, let's see it from a different angle. You are NOT your patterns or triggers. You are a beautiful human who happens to have patterns in her body from years of conditioning, trauma or need for protection. If you can see this pattern, you can transcend it and find out who you are without those old, sucky patterns controlling your life. You are so much STRONGER, WISER, CAPABLE and WORTHY than you've ever been told.

This is what I help my clients do. Transcend the old crap that's ready to go so she can be freer, truer and more alive than before.

A transcended/healed woman will change this chaotic world. I believe this with every inch of my being. But we have to work through our our stuff first.

Much love,


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