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Let's deep dive into chronic pain, decode rooted emotions and transform health with the SEER Method. 

Are you ready to transform your health from the deepest level? Discover my signature SEER Method. This offer consists of an in-person appointment using hands-on therapy, energetic medicine and intuitive counseling.

Virtual SEER method appointments available NOW!

As always I am bringing the magic that my clients of 12 years have always known me for, with the freedom to explore and go deeper!

As a health expert and former Naturopathic Doctor, I use this extensive medical knowledge and intuition to help women heal at the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.  I am passionate about showing women, especially moms, how to simplify and expand their lives.


Areas of Interest


Mind-body Connection, Intuition and Energy Medicine, Maternal Well-being 
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As the Emotional Archaeologist, I help people dig a bit deeper into their patterns, beliefs, and emotions to live a more expansive life. I created the SEER method to do just that. I also am passionate about helping moms tap into their Intuitive Superpowers to lead a life that feels more truthful, more confident, and more authentic to them. If you haven't checked out The Intuitive Mama Journal Experience, please do!

Women have a tendency to put themselves on the backburner for the sake of taking care of others. This is an absolute necessity when children are young or aging parents are needing support, however, this care-taking needs to be balanced with knowing what their own bodies and minds need to thrive as a woman.

I believe we can shift this world by focusing on the mother's and the people responsible for setting the foundation for the next generation. When mom is healthy, strong, regulated, in touch with her inner knowing, respected, and honoured, everyone benefits. 

The SEER Method

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Somatic Therapy: 

For some clients, this looks like an entire appointment dedicated to hands-on treatment. 

For others, it's giving the space and time to sink into body awareness. To describe the sensations felt in the body and allow them to be seen, heard, and felt in this moment. 

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Energetic Medicine: 

For some clients, this looks like an integration of energy work during the hands-on work. I will ask clarifying questions based on what I notice intuitively and through touch. Sometimes insights come as specific phrases, next steps needed to heal, or ways that the body is protecting vs. in flow. 

This may also include spiritual support from the client's spirit team or loved ones who have passed. 

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Emotional Release :


For some clients , this looks like a release of tears. There is often an awareness that an emotion has been suppressed within the body and nervous system for a long time, and it is now safe to shift it. 

A release can also look like twitches, shaking, laughing, or the sudden need to get up and move the body. 


Contact Me


The Simple Life Studio:
Dr. Les’ boutique practice is based in Owen Sound, Ontario.

143226 Superior St.
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5N8


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