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Les, WTF...Why did you drop your Naturopathic License?

That's a great question actually. And not a straight forward answer so tuck in for some truth! For 11 years I was a licensed ND. Treating patient for anything from stress and burnout to cancer and end of life care. It always kept me on my toes. Some days incredible, some days incredibly overwhelming. What I loved most were the days I connected to a patient via hands-on treatment, counseling and energetic therapies. I remember saying, if I could have more days like that, I would be happier and likely healthier myself.

Then I had a baby in 2020 right before the beginning of the Covid pandemic and everything shifted. My priorities were uprooted, spun around and dropped on their head! I suddenly didn't feel the need to do all the things for all the people. The lab work, the sifting through research, the constant feeling that I was being asked to perform, the chasing of patients to make sure they came back on time, NOPE I wasn't into that anymore. I wanted to sink into a more authentic practice. One that nourished me. One where at the end of the day I said, "Wow I feel amazing and was able to help so many people using modalities that were in alignment with my truth."

During all of this, there was also a breach of integrity happening within the profession. Pushing their ND's to do treatments that weren't aligned with our Naturopathic Oath. Punishing members that stuck to their morals and promoted our traditional ways of helping Immunity. The world felt backwards and I started to question the direction that the profession was going (or who was really pulling the strings.)

I love the human body, I love learning more about how it actually works, I had seen for the last 11 years that simple interventions work best and that when we actually look at the root cause to issues (usually nervous system dysregulation) those issues become simpler to deal with and the body has a chance to heal on it's own. It wasn't complicated. It never was.

So I developed the SEER method. A method that combines hands-on and somatic work, energetic work and counseling to initiate an emotional release in my office. There is very little homework, the shift and transformation happens instantly and ongoing. We keep it simple. We keep it intuitive and we keep it focused on the individual.

None of which I needed a Naturopathic License for!

Yes I let go of the clout, the title and the public awareness, but I believe my new frequency will attract in the people who truly need and understand this deeper level work.

That's it in a nutshell. Thanks for reading...I'm glad you're here.


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