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Is Your Nervous System Blocking Your Intuition?

Before you say, huh, what!? Let me preface this with a little physiology lesson. Your nervous system is a complex network of nerves that send signals and impulses from your brain, down your spinal column and to your muscles, organs, and basically everywhere in the body. These signals help your body to move, feel, store information and survive life. Having a healthy nervous system, one without damage, inflammation or compression, can help us be stronger and more resilient to life.

When we go through trauma, or anything that is emotionally upsetting, this information is taken in and your nervous system will respond with either a shock state or a burying of the trauma until it is safe to feel. If safety isn't available, and you simply have to keep surviving, this upset can stay in your body and nervous system for a very long time. Decades even. You won't necessarily know it's there consciously but it will cause you to react to triggers and life events differently than if it wasn't there.

When we have several layers of these emotional upsets present in our bodies, it becomes difficult to understand who we truly are without the trauma, conditioning and survival strategies.

Peeling away these layers is what we do within the SEER Method. (see the main page for more details).

When we can sift through the old stuff to the more authentic stuff (yes stuff is a technical term), your ability to hear your own intuition heightens. Slowing down won't feel like death. Being alone won't feel uncomfortable. Hearing your own inner knowing becomes the norm. You are no longer clouded with old patterns that were never the truth of you.

Is this resonating? Making sense? Clear as mud? Want to learn more. Book your In-person SEER method appt today!

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