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Are you healing in the blink of an eye?

We can heal in the blink of an eye, and it can also take a lifetime.

There are certain things when ready to go, simply need a flick of the #energy as though flipping a switch and the pattern is gone, transmuted permanently.

Other patterns have layers upon layers and are ours to mull over ad nauseum until we finally believe we are worthy of greatness and understand our greatness is bigger than any problem or disease we have.

When we connect to All That Is, realizing that we aren't just a small part of it, but we ARE it, many problems simply cease to be problems anymore.

Is this #enlightenment?


Can we all get there?

Of course.

But we are also humans with needs, desires, failings, traumas, and egos that will change the lens to which we peer out to the world.

My advice is, choose to live in the AND.

Allow healing to be the path AND don't get lost in its constant pursuit.

Know that you are a #miraculous being with magical talents and beautiful insights AND don't get so caught up in the etheric world that you find it hard to be here now.

Let 2 truths exist at the same time.

With love,


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