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Wild Mama


Virtual Community - Spring 2021

Have you had a baby in the last couple of years? ⁠

Has your ideal postpartum experience been crippled by the dumpster fire of 2020!?

Let's make 2021 a more support-filled, community-focused mama-friendly year! ⁠

More support, more education, more love, more sisterhood.⁠

The Wild Mama Program is a 6-wk postpartum virtual course designed for the mama who is looking for postpartum encouragement from a community of like-minded moms and a licensed health care practitioner (me..Dr. Les)!⁠

Let's talk about how having a baby not only changes you physically but also hormonally, emotionally and spiritually and as such, how to then optimize your health (and sanity!) during this transformational time.⁠

This is a safe space to ask questions, share your story (if that feels right for you) and gain insight and knowledge needed to navigate the postpartum experience.⁠

This program is available to anyone with an internet connection, you do not have to be in the Owen Sound area. That being said, my hope is to open this up as an in-person group health experience at some point in 2021! Dates and times to be determined by the group (limited spots available)! ⁠

In sisterhood, ⁠


Wild Mama Intro Video


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