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Areas of Interest


Mind-Body Connection

You are one being and everything in your body is connected. EVERYTHING!


When you are stressed, you will feel the effects in your body in ways such as fatigue, digestive upset or skin issues. However, it works both ways, if your body is inflamed or immunocompromised, your mind, mood and mental health will be affected.


Despite what it seems like, this is an empowering fact! You can start to change your body’s health by shifting your mindset. I will show you how.

Intuition and Energy Medicine

Everyone has a super power.


Intuition is your super power, but sometimes it gets quiet and lost or buried deep within to the point that it can’t be heard.


I will teach you how to hear your inner knowing. It’s important to intuitively check in with your body on a regular basis in order to know exactly what your body and soul needs to heal and be at it’s best.  

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